Lexi Saldana

Lexi Saldana (she/her)

Executive Assistant

Alexis Saldana grew up in Southern California. She studied architecture at Rio Hondo College. While studying architecture she explored women’s studies, yoga, and art. While in school, she began her mental health journey and realized the benefits of therapy and yoga. Through her mental health journey and exploring various service jobs, she found a deep passion for helping those around her.

Lexi has worked in various fields such as teaching, caretaking, and administrative assisting. She met Paul and Dr. Julie Lee in 2017. She has had the pleasure of learning from them the importance of staying in tune with your body and maintaining mental wellness. So, when she found out about the creation of The Connection she felt compelled to help on the administrative and social side of the company.

Lexi hopes to inform potential clients of the one of a kind services that The Connection has to offer. Her goal is to maintain the organization of The Connection, link clients with a member of our incredible team, and use social media to empower clients to pursue their own healing journey.