The Connection Story

So how did we come to be you asked? We were living quite the typical American lifestyle. Working full time, dual income, raising children (we have a set of triplets and a singleton), eating somewhat well but not great (eating out/ordering dinner), lacking sleep/proper rest, and engaging in reactive self-care attempting to constantly fill our buckets that were, in reality, bottomed out.

In 2017, Paul was managing clients for a high profile organization. He was dealing with sleep apnea and constantly feeling as though the rest was “not enough.” He would spend about 3 hrs on the road daily commuting, eating lunch at his desk, getting home close to the kids’ bedtime, eating dinner, then falling asleep (passing out). In June of 2017, a routine surgery ended with another emergency surgery the next day which resulted with a heart failure. The biggest take away from all health care professionals involved? DECREASE STRESS! So after giving the desk job another chance, he left the corporate world for good and discovered yoga. Through yoga, he was able to lose weight, change his posture, work on breathing, and increase body awareness leading him to becoming a certified yoga instructor.

As a result of Paul’s health challenges, Julie began to ramp up her career in order to make ends meet and to seek out different career opportunities. By 2020, Julie was working 60-75 hours a week holding down 4 separate positions at 4 different locations. In September of 2020, Julie experienced a TIA which led into an Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis in October, IBS diagnosis in November, had COVID in December, Fibromyalgia diagnosis in January (2021), and ended up in the ER with cervical radiculopathy in February. Her journey back to herself ( began in June of 2021 when she started working with a health coach and understanding more about the biopsychosocial aspects and its relation to our overall health.

It’s through the combination of both of our experiences that The Connection was born! The connection between mind, body, heart, and soul is the approach we take toward our clients. There is too big of a connection between the mind and the body for us to deny, and too big of a benefit in connecting and incorporating movement and mental health to achieve healing and overall good health to not move in forward in this direction.

Our Mission & Vision

We strive to create a safe, supportive, and welcoming community to meet each of your needs to promote healing through therapy and motion. Our goal is to collaborate and provide support, empowering you with coping skills while we follow your lead in creating space within to honor your experiences and start or continue the path to healing and overall well being… mind, body, heart, and soul. Allow our team of trauma informed therapists and instructors to take the journey with you.