Marie Jakobi

Marie Jakobi, M.A., AMFT (she/her)

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

What brings you to therapy today? Maybe you’re experiencing loneliness, struggling with anxious emotions, having negative thoughts, or feeling emotionally fragmented in your day-to-day life. Maybe you want to experience emotional growth or increase your self-awareness. You might be struggling in relationships with friends, children, a partner, coworkers or family members. Whether it’s a new stressor or something that has been weighing on you for a while, I am here to walk alongside you, provide support, and create a safe space to process. We will work together to create an environment in which your personal experiences, cultural identity, sexual orientation, and emotions are respected and validated. If this speaks to what you’re looking for in your therapeutic experience, let’s work together!

I utilize a combination of therapeutic approaches in an effort to best fit your therapeutic needs, utilizing your inner resources to reach your individual goals. I believe in taking a holistic approach to therapy. Integrating mindfulness, breathing techniques, yoga and other healing practices can be beneficial in aiding the mental and emotional side of the therapeutic process. I specialize in working with anxiety, depressive thoughts, life transitions, parenting, relationship issues, and self-esteem with both adolescents and adults.

Personally, I identify as a multi-racial woman and Asian American. I am interculturally responsive and inclusive. As your therapist, I will support you in your therapeutic journey of self-exploration, emotional healing, and self-fulfillment.