Sharri Mo

Sharri Mo, M.A., AMFT (she/her)

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Sharri is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate with a B.S. in Cognitive-Behavioral Neuroscience from U.C. San Diego and a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. She is passionate about the healing that can happen when we start to pay closer attention to our minds and our bodies – through authentic conversation and intentional movement.

Sharri has worked with children and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, relationship issues, parenthood and more. She takes special interest in helping others embrace growth and heal from wounds inflicted by a difficult family of origin, ethnic/racial discrimination, institutional religion, and other experiences that can plague people with trauma and pain.

Additionally, exploring her own cultural upbringing and identity as an Asian American has driven her to empathize with and help individuals navigate through their personal sense of identity, across cultural, relational, professional, and spiritual realms. Sharri commits to providing compassionate, client-paced care that is non-judgmental and both culturally-aware and affirming. She approaches each therapeutic relationship with an understanding that every individual has their own unique healing process and the potential to live the best version of their own life. She would like to collaborate with you to uncover whatever it may be that keeps you from believing you are capable and valuable enough to achieve that.